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posted on 2021-05-22, 16:08 authored by Grant Aird
Briefly, this is a report that deals with today' s hotel industry with specific reference to Toronto. A city which has seen three new hotels in the downtown area over the past few years, and now at least three more started for construction in the next five years. The report contains sections that deal with historical events and aspects of the industry from its early existence to the present. Much of this will give the reader an insight to events that. have shaped the industry to what it is today. Since the industry is experiencing its own problems, dealing with design, finance and a change of image, much of this report will be concerned with looking at what is called a "Design Approach" to hotel design. In most cases, designers are finding this method to be of sound rationalism. Also the report will deal with three specific areas, rooms, lobbies and restaurant design. Here insight shall be given to -problems associated with each and what changes are occurring with each to ensure their success among guests and owners. Final portions of the report will be allotted to specifically one hotel, the Holiday Inn, Toronto Downtown. A critical analysis of the hotel and its design will be given with final submissions of the main floor and guest rooms, re-designed.





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Ryerson University

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