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High performance envelope design for the modular building system

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posted on 2021-05-22, 15:17 authored by Hawkins David
The best way to reduce energy consumption in homes is to reduce air infiltration and increase thermal resistance of the building envelope. This research aimed to develop four envelope systems for the modular building system that are super insulated and designed for maximum air tightness. Rigid sheathing with taped seams is a superior air sealing strategy compared to existing air barrier systems used in barrier systems used in the modular building industry. Connection details were developed for vulnerable connection locations using long lasting air sealing methodologies. Connection interfaces were modeled with THERM software and two connections had bridging more than Ψ 0.01[W/m⋅k]. Hygrothermal analysis revealed that the moisture content of the structural sheathing layer of the assemblies maintained at safe levels. Annual heating demand reduction of 64-69% was simulated using the proposed four assemblies compared to an OBC 2012 building code baseline envelope assembly.



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Building Science

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Ryerson University

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