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High level radioactive waste and communities' risk perceptions: a case study of an on-going voluntary siting

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posted on 2021-05-24, 11:20 authored by Rawana Haymour
This study examined an on-going case study of communities that have been involved in the Nuclear Waste Management Organization‟s nuclear facility siting process. Interviews were conducted to examine whether communities no longer participating had higher perceptions of risk relative to communities that are still participating. In addition, this study examined the influence of other factors on communities to stay in the process or stop participating. Moreover, this study evaluated whether the siting process is consistent with the siting principles of a cooperative model. Results showed that eliminated communities had slightly higher risk perceptions compared to communities that are still participating. On the other hand, opted out communities had lower risk perceptions. It also showed that perceived potential benefits are the main factor controlling the communities‟ decisions at this stage. In addition, the siting process is not perfectly consistent with, but similar to a collaborative planning model at this stage.





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