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Google's affair with Open Source Software: from browser wars to mobile domination

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posted on 2021-05-24, 13:15 authored by Lisa Hayes, Catherine A. Middleton
"Daily communication is facilitated by digital technologies through Web sites and social media, and accessed via computers and mobile devices (Meeker, Devitt, & Wu, 2009). The computer has "transformed the way we live, work and play" (Lunenfeld, 2011, p. 143). Communication devices are driving the development of technology standards that are very powerful for consumers, but even more powerful and profitable for the companies that control them. A battle continues for control over the way we access information online via Web browsers on computers and mobile devices. The owner of the most popular interface has an advantage because it can influence how the public sees information, favouring some content over others. But more importantly, it profits from selling access to these viewers to advertisers and it can choose who it will allow to advertise and who it will block"--From page 2.





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