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Good Enough to Work, Not Good Enough to Stay : A Review of the Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program

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posted on 2021-05-23, 17:19 authored by Janna Pushkar
This critical literature review examines the ways in which the agricultural sector in Canada has changed from small family farming to largely mechanized and consolidated farms thus requiring the need for the Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program (SAWP). It also finds that the program was created not only for economic but also for political reasons and it continues to function for both economic and political motivations. Since the program's inception, there has been a shift from permanent to temporary migration in many industries in Canada because foreign temporary workers such as those involved in the SAWP, labour under unfree conditions making them a reliable and disposable workforce. The denial of citizenship status to seasonal agricultural workers serves to maintain their vulnerable position in the Canadian workforce. Finally it is revealed that the program is primarily beneficial for the Canadian Government and Canadian employers. Workers and sending countries receive an economic benefit from the program as well, however this impact is much more significant for the Canadian state.





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