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Globalizing Campuses: The Effectiveness of Post-Secondary International Student Recruitment

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posted on 2023-06-07, 20:16 authored by Paraskevi (Vivi) Tsoukalas
As the world continues to become more globalized, so does education. The internationalization of higher education is inevitable with globalization and institutions continue to recruit students from around the globe to diversify their institution. The question is how institutions do this and why it matters. This paper answers these questions by uncovering the best practices of recruiting and supporting international students at post-secondary institutions in the City of Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area. In order to determine the best practices and support services interviews have been conducted with employees in the international student recruitment (ISR) industry and surveys have been provided to international students. Interviews have been analyzed to identify the ISR strategies currently in place at post-secondary institutions in Toronto, and surveys have been analyzed to identify the student perspective of these methods and the support provided to them. Both sets of responses have also been compared to identify ways to improve ISR and international student support services. This paper will uncover the ways in which ISR is conducted, the ways students perceive these methods, and how best meet student needs in the future. Based on the research conducted it has been determined that the most effective strategies for ISR are relationship development, transparency of institutional expectations, and the use of effective cross-cultural communication practices. Students have assisted in determining that institutions in the GTA do have support services in place and most do provide adequate services to students. Many recommendations have been made to improve ISR including obtaining feedback from students to incorporate student needs into ISR practices and ensuring that a clear outline of the Canadian education system is provided to students.





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