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Geometric design of single-lane roundabouts for optimum consistency and operation

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posted on 2021-06-08, 10:25 authored by Atif Mehmood
The objectives while designing roundabout is design consistency and operational performance. Design consistency affects roundabout safety while operational performance affects its level of service. Along with design consistency, roundabout will be more safe if its geometry forces traffic to enter and circulate at less than specified design speed. Vehicle path radii control speeds at each vehicle path. Vehicle path radii are traditionally obtained from drawing freehand each vehicle paths on proposed roundabout geometry. Existing design approaches for roundabouts use a trial-and-error procedure to choose the design parameters in order to satisfy design standards. With this approach it is quite complicated to satisfy design guidelines and site conditions at the same time. A minor change in geometry can result in significant changes in safety and operational performance. Therefore, many iterations of geometric layout would be required to evaluate safety and operational analysis at given traffic conditions. Designer needs to revise and refine the initial geometric layout to enhance safety and its operational performance. In this thesis, an optimization model is developed that predicts optimum design parameters with multiple objectives: maximum design consistency and minimum average intersection delay. At optimum design parameters, this model also provides vehicle path radii for each path. These vehicle path radii were used to predict operating speed along each path using an existing operating speed prediction model. The optimization model takes site conditions as input and satisfies the two objectives for given traffic and geometric conditions. This is a new approach of optimum design of single-lane roundabouts with four legs intersecting at right angle. The model not only satisfies the two objectives, but also limits the operating speed along each path (left, through, and right), below the specified design speed of roundabout.





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