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Gearing up for Gen Z: An Analysis of Employers’ Recruitment Marketing Targeting the New, Generation Z, Workforce

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posted on 2021-05-23, 18:46 authored by Marissa M. White
As the new generation, Gen Z, graduates and moves into the workforce - employers must adapt their recruitment practices to acquire top talent. To adapt, employers must understand their target audience’s job-seeker and organizational characteristics and address these attributes in recruitment marketing job descriptions to elicit person-organization fit, ultimately, garnering top talent to apply to their organization. Using Deloitte’s Gen Z studies as a basis for personenvironment fit, this MRP seeks to be an extension of their studies to see if employers are, in fact, utilizing the specific content in their job descriptions with the primary research question: Do employers’ online recruitment marketing communications rhetorically address personorganization (P-O) fit characteristics to attract the new generation Z, workforce?





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