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Functional Clothing for Natural Disaster Survivors

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posted on 2021-05-22, 17:11 authored by Nabeela Ahsan
Natural disasters occur in increasing intensity and frequency. When disasters occur, several humanitarian agencies are mobilized to provide relief aid. Donated clothing is deployed as a response to donors’ perceptions of need; however, these donations may be climatically and culturally unsuitable, creating a glut of clothing that not only undermines the domestic economy but also consumes scarce resources. This research investigates survivors’ clothing needs during the relief phase of natural disasters in order to improve current aid protocol. The study is accomplished by needs analysis focus groups with survivors, including interviews with relief aid volunteers and aid administrating agencies. Using these data, a prototype is designed using the Functional, Expressive and Aesthetic design framework as proposed by Lamb and Kallal (1992). It will provide groundwork for humanitarian agencies and future academic study in the field of functional apparel research for disaster situations.





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Ryerson University

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Sandra Tullio-Pow