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Fractals of art and life: the Arensberg Salon as a Cubist space

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posted on 2021-05-22, 09:33 authored by Erin Joelle McCurdy
Table of Contents Introduction: The Art Revolution in Walter's Room, Or Where Lou Held Court Part 1: Fractals of Art: Cubism and the Arensberg Collection Part 2: Fractals of Life: The Modern Exhibition Space from the Arensberg Salon to the MoMA Conclusion: From Cubist Wunderkammer to Open House "Hosted during the World War I and postwar era, from 1915-1921, the Arensberg salon served a generative function, welcoming bohemians and intellectuals from different nations and economic standings to convene and engage in conversation, chess, revelry, and collaborative projects. In addition to acting as the physical nucleus of New York Dada, the Arensberg residence, with its"super pictures" adorning the walls, served as an impressive domestic exhibition site incorporating art objects, decorative arts, and artefacts from disparate origins. Its hosts were Walter Arensberg, a poet,journalist, and literary scholar, and his wife Louise, a musician who came from equally wealthy stock. Together the Arensbergs used their sizeable inheritances to become influential collectors and patrons of the arts" -- Page 7.





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