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Forwarding fashion: developing an app to contemporize fashion design assessment and feedback in higher education

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posted on 2021-05-23, 17:41 authored by Glynis Dupuis
There is a need to evolve the current collective praxis for providing assessment and feedback on creative projects within fashion and related domains in higher education (HE) programs. Rapid advancements and disruption taking place within fashion and related creative industries signal a need for graduates who can think more divergently, while the increased diversity among current and future cohorts in HE who have different learning requirements, along with faculty facing increased time constraints and limitations in their work processes, call for new methods for providing assessment and feedback efficiently and effectively. This study proposes a practical prototype of a mobile technological solution that could help to contemporize current praxis, and may contribute to the emerging field of research: Mobile-Based Assessment (MBA).



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Ryerson University

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