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Fill in the blank: an architectural intervention to restore the continuity from infrastructural residue in the densely built Hong Kong

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posted on 2021-05-22, 14:08 authored by Shin-Yi Shiny Lam
Transport Infrastructure has played a significant part in reforming the built fabric of our cities. Highways were constructed to facilitate connectivity the urban fabric ever more. The linear cuts incised through the continuity of both the physical and social fabric of the city. Left behind are impermeable accidental spaces, voids that are inaccessible to the surrounding users. Like no man’s land, the interstitial spaces is its own realm and separates itself from the rest of the system; neglecting its potential as an in-between state, bounded by the edges of communities, infrastructure and landscape. Simultaneously, recognizing architecture as an instrument organization and its capacity to impose order within an increasingly complex and problematic environments. This thesis attempts to address the residual space created from highway infrastructure by investigating the problematic relationship between infrastructure and the urban fabric. Using architecture as the agent to unfold its potential as a junction, it proposes a design process that focuses on the integration of all fields that defines the urban fabric. The thesis incorporates the utilization of leftover spaces as the site for architectural intervention to restore the continuity of the broken city fabric.





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Ryerson University

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