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Fashion trends: how political happenings influence consumers mindsets

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posted on 2021-05-24, 10:23 authored by Valentina Marques da Rosa
This paper focuses on how fashion products have the capacity of translating social, political and cultural happenings, influencing preferences in dress style and precipitating trends. Based on four case studies, this research explores how cultural and societal developments influence the consumption of dress styles. This includes understanding how garments and accessories associated with social causes are received by consumers. Such knowledge is useful in accurately predicting the likelihood of a trend’s adoption. The data collected from the case studies was sifted via a content analysis methodology. Study findings support that consumers’ identification with the social cause linked to a fashion product significantly increases their adoption as a trend. Furthermore, the study also demonstrates that the presence of a number of actors is needed in order for trends to achieve inception and their subsequent dissemination.





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Ryerson University

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