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Exploring the experience of receiving Canadian Armed Forces’ mental health services

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posted on 2021-06-08, 12:21 authored by Erin O'Rourke
This study uses a narrative approach to explore the experience of receiving mental health services within the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF). Data was collected from media sources where interviews were conducted with current and former CAF members about their experiences with the CAF’s mental health services. Thematic narrative analysis was used to interpret themes that emerged within participants’ stories and to identify similarities and differences across stories. Findings included the experience of structural difficulties when accessing the CAF’s mental health services, the negative effects of mental health stigma, fears related to disclosing issues of mental health and the need for changes to the CAF’s mental health system. The study also presents a preliminary discussion on the relevance of anti-oppressive social work practice for the CAF’s mental health services. Also detailed is the process of completing the research including the challenges encountered when attempting to access the population and recruit participants.





Master of Social Work


Social Work

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Ryerson University

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Susan Preston