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Exploring support persons' narrative accounts of waiting for lung transplant

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posted on 2021-05-22, 14:58 authored by Linda Liu
Patients must have one designated support person (e.g., family member) provide constant care during the waiting period for lung transplant - this may involve relocation to be within 2.5 hours from the transplant site. There is little research concerning support persons’ experiences of waiting for transplant. This narrative study involving interviews and journaling, framed by the concept of liminality was conducted to explore support persons’ accounts of waiting for lung transplant. Findings indicate that support persons entered into a liminal space where they became focused upon and confined to patients’ routines and needs. The uncertainty of waiting was interwoven with emotions of hope, fear, and isolation. Implications include the need to identify the support person as a care recipient and implement supportive and counselling interventions responsive to their needs. This research also advances the theoretical concept of liminality in illness and provides direction for future research, policy and education





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Ryerson University

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