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Exploring relationship strategies of overweight adolescents

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posted on 2021-05-23, 18:24 authored by Anna Cooper
Childhood obesity has been identified as a health crisis reaching epidemic proportions worldwide. Significant literature addresses the many aspects of this issue however little exists that honours the experiences and voices of overweight adolescents. Framed by relational-cultural theory, in this exploratory qualitative study, I examine experiences, strategies, and processes of overweight adolescents in relation to their interactions with others. A case study analysis of a focus group of overweight adoloescents ages 13-16 years was conducted with three salient themes emerging. Participant's verbalized experiences demonstrated a perception of issues related to their relationships with others and sometimes an identified awareness of factors pertaining to these relationships. The third theme centres on the varied and at times complex strategies participants used when navigating these potential or existing relationships with others. Implications for health promoting theory, policy, practice, and future research are outlined.





Master of Nursing



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Ryerson University

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Margaret Malone