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Experimental study on slip resistance performance of ASTM A1010 stainless steel bolted connections

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posted on 2021-06-08, 07:50 authored by Omar Cameron
The primary aim of this experimental research was to provide information on the slip coefficient performance of ASTM A1010 stainless steel material and to ascertain if its behaviour is comparable to that of 350W Structural Steel. In accomplishing this task, it was important to examine other parameters associated with slip resistance testing, such as (i) bolt relaxation and (ii) the effect of temperature variation and re-usability of high strength bolts. In the 2014 edition of the Canadian Highway Bridge Design Code, the slip coefficient for clean mill scale and hot dip galvanized surface condition for the 350W structural steel is specified as 0.35, whereas for blasted-clean surface condition is specified as 0.5. Although test results in this research showed lower values for tested structural steel plates, the slip coefficient of A1010 stainless steel material performed better than the 350W structural steel for each surface condition and at the same temperature range. Recommendations regarding the slip resistance test method and the methodology for achieving the required surface conditions in slip resistance connection were drawn.





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