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Experimental Verification of Theoretical Ageing and Service Life Prediction Model for Vacuum Insulation Panels

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posted on 2021-05-24, 10:54 authored by Mahsa Nikafkar

Vacuum Insulation Panels (VIPs) are a kind of the super-insulated materials (SIMs). VIPs are innovative material in various fields like the building sector as it encompasses a higher thermal resistance per unit of thickness compared to conventional insulation. To extensively use VIPs in the building sector, comprehensive performance analysis, and their properties such as thermal conductivity valuations are required to be done under simulated conditions to evaluate its longterm performance. However, different VIPs have varying durability, and as it stands, there is no comprehensive understanding of how all VIPs will behave in real conditions. This research investigates the effect of multiple variables (such as temperature, relative humidity) on VIP service life. The purpose of this research is to validate the theoretical ageing model of VIPs. First, the experimental thermal conductivity results from seven samples of three different VIP categories are collected using a heat flow meter. To measure the accelerated ageing results over 25 years, Arrhenius equation is applied. Next, NRC theoretical model is used to predict the ageing response of the samples. Finally, an analytical method is employed to verify and validate this model based on the collected data. Results shows that effect of ageing and environmental temperature have higher impacts on the performance of fibreglass panels than the fumed silicas. Additionally, the aging effects analysis reveals that microporous silica VIP products would maintain their superior thermal performance over time. Keywords: Vacuum insulation panel, Ageing, Thermal conductivity, accelerated ageing, modelling





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