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Experimental Study Of Short Hole Film-Cooling

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posted on 2021-06-08, 12:42 authored by Mohammed A. Gandhi
An experimental study was conducted to investigate the film cooling effectiveness of a few configurations of short injection holes: single row, double row and both of the preceding cases with an upstream ramp placed at two different locations. In order to perform the above study, a wind-tunnel facility was assembled to facilitate in the successful culmination of the experiments. The focus of the study was to determine the cooling provided by the short injection holes at a variety of blowing ratios and whether adding an extra row of holes, upstream of the first row would make a difference. For the second part, a ramp was placed upstream of the single and double row configuration to help improve cooling . All of the experiments were performed in a low speed wind-tunnel with a mainstream velocity of 8 m/s and a turbulence insity of 3.3%. Higher blowing ratios were ineffective in improving film-cooling effectiveness due to jet lift-off. Two rows of holes increased the cooling effectiveness by 200%, when compared to single row configurations at the same blowing ratio without ramps. Upstream ramps provided significant improvement in the near hole region of the injection holes.





  • Master of Applied Science


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Ryerson University

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  • Thesis

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Bassam Jubran