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Experiences, challenges, and supports during studying and sojourning in Canada: the case of Chinese international students

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posted on 2021-05-23, 14:36 authored by Zhengying Qian
With the internationalization of education, Chinese students have constituted the largest international student group in the world as well as in Canada. The purpose of this study is to explore the experiences, challenges, and supports specific to the Chinese student population at Canadian universities. In order to triangulate the data from different sources, individual interviews with eight Chinese international students and three International Student Advisors were conducted in this qualitative research. Hofstede's theory on cultural dimensions and the bilinear model of acculturation and enculturation are applied to explain the findings about Chinese international students' experiences and challenges with regard to second language learning, academic studies, social interaction, post-graduation plans, and personal development and identity reshaping. Moreover, based on Chinese international students' awareness and use of supports available to them, this study has implications for practice as to how to improve their support system. Key words: Chinese international students; cultural dimensions; acculturation and enculturation; international student support; second language learning; academic studies; social interaction; post-graduationhengying plans; personal development; identity reshaping





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Immigration and Settlement Studies

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