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Examining the value of spatial vs. non-spatial open data

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posted on 2021-05-24, 17:58 authored by Sarah Greene
This research paper analyzes how the value of open data varies based on the goal of the open data program, and the format in which the data are provided. Four cities across Canada which make up the G4 are examined to identify common themes of open data available, and assess the data formats found most often within these themes. Further, the City of Toronto is examined in a case study to evaluate their open data program and assess if spatial open data are more prevalent within the theme of innovation for economic development. Findings from this research indicate that there are some data themes which typically have mostly spatial and/or non-spatial data formats, while there is also a group of themes which have a wide variety of both formats available. This paper also finds that the City of Toronto has a high prevalence of spatial open data within the theme of innovation. The evaluation created for this study could be used in assessing the value of spatial open data within and between cities.





  • Spatial Analysis


  • Spatial Analysis

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