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Examining Twitter as a Corporate Tool for Social Engagement

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posted on 2021-05-21, 16:32 authored by Laura Tulley
Twitter is an increasingly popular and widely used microblogging tool that limits messages to 140 characters for the purpose of information sharing with a group of voluntary followers. This research paper examines Twitter through a corporate communication lens to better understand how one company adapted Twitter as a means of engaging stakeholders and creating a community of shared knowledge. Using genre analysis as a theoretical frame, Twitter is investigated as a communicative strategy that encompasses a highly recognizable structure and style of text to serve a distinct purpose. Principles of corporate communication strategy that aim to motivate and inform a target audience were found to be reflected in the way Twitter was utilized to connect with stakeholders using calls to action, a consistent textual strategy using Twitterʼs unique language that is used to engage with followers. This research study finds and discusses Twitterʼs function as a useful means for engaging stakeholders and disseminating corporate information that encourages social action and participation. Information sharing is Twitterʼs primary purpose, allowing a company to improve public perception and the growth and maintenance of relationships with the public.



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