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Examining Chronic Insomnia And Cardiac Symptom Experience In The Cardiovascular Population

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posted on 2021-05-22, 14:10 authored by Mona Siadat-Khoo
Background: Chronic insomnia affects 10-15% of the world population and is associated with development of cardiovascular diseases [CVD], which remain the second leading cause of death in Canada. CVD is associated with cardiac symptoms and decreased quality-of-life. Purpose: To examine the experience of chronic insomnia, as well as its association with cardiac symptoms, in individuals with CVD. Methodology: Secondary analysis with a descriptive correlational design, among two groups (CVD [n=33] and non-CVD [n=36]). Results: Individuals with CVD experienced greater difficulty maintaining sleep (t=-2.69, p=.01, d=.66). In the CVD and non-CVD groups, insomnia severity and daytime sleepiness were positively and moderately associated with cardiac symptoms. In the CVD group, insomnia severity was negatively associated with dyspnea (r=-.46, p=.01). Implications: Future research can examine assessment of, and behavioural treatment for, chronic insomnia among differing cardiovascular populations to determine its effect on cardiac symptoms, morbidity, and mortality from cardiovascular diseases.





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