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Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Direct Liquid Application for Reducing Chloride Inputs to Ryerson Campus and Urban Areas in Toronto

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posted on 2021-05-24, 17:54 authored by Kevin Duffin
In the winter of 2018/19, Ryerson University began a pilot project which saw the implementation of Direct Liquid Application (DLA) of road salts in select areas within its campus. This study evaluated the reductions in chloride applications that occurred due to the pilot, as well as estimated the chloride reductions that could occur if the project was expanded at Ryerson and if other organizations in Toronto were to adopt DLA. This was done through an analysis of recorded road salt application rates on Ryerson campus. The analysis revealed that the incorporation of DLA into Ryerson’s maintenance program reduced chloride inputs to Ryerson Campus. The analysis also illustrated that similar ‘savings’ could be expected if DLA were expanded to the rest of campus, Green P parking lots, GO train stations, and TTC streetcar waiting areas. Recommendations for future DLA implementation are given.





  • Spatial Analysis


  • Spatial Analysis

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