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Evaluation of biological nutrient removal by anammox in three phase fluidized bed bioreator

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posted on 2021-05-24, 18:41 authored by Nicholas Jones
The purpose of this study was to show the viability of a 0.70 m3 three phase aerobic fluidized bed bioreactor for the denitrification of wastewater by anammox bacteria. The reactor was monitored for 343 days, operating in a batch mode for 50 days, with a continuous flow of wastewater being fed for the remaining 293 days. It was determined that anammox contributed up to 5.5±0.5% of the ammonia removal during the batch mode of operation, and up to 14.2±3.7% of the ammonia removal during the continuous mode of operation. The highest ammonia and total nitrogen removals of 90.9±1.6% and 20.8±4.1% were measured under high recycle rates. Up to 63.1±5.2% and 19.2±7.5% ammonia and total nitrogen removal was observed after a single pass through the reactor. At low COD concentrations and anoxic conditions, ammonia and nitrite were removed simultaneously. Under the evaluated conditions, the reactor was determined to contain anammox bacteria.



Master of Applied Science


Chemical Engineering

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Ryerson University

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