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Estimating power consumption in City of Toronto: a case study

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posted on 2021-05-24, 11:24 authored by Syed Muhammad Shees Saeed
Ontario’s energy system provides reliable and clean energy to the province. The demand of electricity is rising throughout the world, thus Ontario’s goal is to maintain the demand and generation of electricity. In this report we have discussed the electricity demand of Ontario and divided the sectors into categorical data of electricity and studied peak hour demands of Toronto. First, we have briefly discussed the introduction, which includes the history, geographical location and socio-economic importance of Toronto. Then in the literature review we have highlighted Ontario’s generation of electricity, which is produced by various renewable energy sources and have further discussed their drawbacks. The survey is focused on the demand of electricity in Toronto by calculating the requirement and then distributing the data into 24 hours, from which we have studied peak hours demand in various categories such as residential buildings, offices, shops etc. The purpose of this survey is to monitor the electricity demand in order to reduce power outages and blackouts due to technical issues.





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