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Enabling Multi-Site Stormwater Environmental Compliance Approvals in Ontario, Canada

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posted on 2021-05-24, 12:54 authored by Paul Orchard
In attempt to improve stormwater management and compliance the Ministry of Environment Conservation and Parks (MECP) has proposed a multi-site Environmental Compliance Approval (ECA) system for managing stormwater compliance at the subwatershed level. This research focuses on the identification and selection of stormwater objectives, criteria, targets, and thresholds to be included as part of the approval. This research also identifies and recommends traditional and alternative monitoring techniques for inclusion in a multi-site permit. Recommendations are provided for database architecture including storage, manipulation, and viewing of monitoring data. The selected stormwater objectives, criteria, targets, thresholds, monitoring techniques, and frequencies were compiled in a multi-site stormwater ECA framework to assist with the MECP with the implementation of multi-site stormwater ECAs within Ontario. The framework serves as an overview of important parameters that can be effectively monitored within a multi-site stormwater ECA.





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