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Employment land conversion and intensification corridors: exploring the role of municipal, regional and provincial policy in York Region

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posted on 2022-05-24, 13:43 authored by Andrew Haagsma
There seems to be an overall consensus in literature that industrial lands are not to be overlooked in the wake of conversion pressures to accommodate additional housing and other types of development. It is evident in literature that smart growth policies have tended to disregard the revitalization of industrial activities and this is problematic because a vital industrial presence is important in the dynamic of commercial and residential intensification.
This paper explores current legislation and policy applicable to employment lands located along intensification corridors in York Region, Ontario, Canada. This is completed with three different components: a literature and policy review; a review of regional comments on conversion requests; and a site-specific case study analysis of applicant justifications for conversions in intensification areas in York Region. Research findings include a robust industrial land intensification initiative in the Region, market demand along Regional Intensification Corridors, and the potential for the implementation of an area-specific plan in the Keele employment area in the City of Vaughan. Recommendations include policy directions and considerations for planning professionals.





  • Master of Planning


  • Urban Development

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Ryerson University

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  • MRP

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Ron Keeble