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Effects Of Social Media On E-Commerce: Social Influence & Consumer Behavior Within The Parent Community

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posted on 2021-05-22, 16:41 authored by Kelly Massad
Social media channels are being used as a way to market products and services. Some of those who utilize the advantages of these social media channels are parents who depend on the opinions of other parents to provide them with genuine reviews on e-commerce products and services. In examining the effects social media has on e-commerce businesses through social influences and consumer behavior, it is evident that social media influencers impact the purchases people are making. In this paper, I explore a variety of theories that provide evidence of social media influencers having an effect on purchasing behaviour. I will argue that parent bloggers have committed to creating an interactive and close-knit parent community through their personal anecdotes and posts. Thus, as parent bloggers maintain this community, they enable new levels of trust, affecting the purchasing behaviors of their followers.





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Ryerson University

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Robert Clapperton