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Effect of ultrasound and microbubbles on PEG coated gold nanorod thermal therapy

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posted on 2021-06-08, 11:54 authored by Christine Tarapacki
The effectiveness of PEG coated gold nanorod and laser thermal therapy (AuNR+L) depends on gold nanoparticle delivery. The application of ultrasound and microbubbles (USMB) has been shown to enhance drug delivery across cell membranes. This study investigated the effect of the combined treatment of ultrasound and microbubbles with PEG coated gold nanorod thermal therapy on cancer cells. Cells in suspension were exposed to combinations of AuNR, laser, and USMB. Following the treatment, cell viability was assessed with propidium iodide marker and flow cytometry, and with colony assays. Cell death significantly increased when USMB was combined with AuNR+L during laser treatment compared to either treatment on its own, whereas, in the absence of AuNR, NIR laser light had a protective effect on cells exposed to USMB. Generally, USMB induced an additive therapeutic effect on cell viability when combined with AuNR+L.





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Biomedical Physics

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Ryerson University

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