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Effect of corrosion on the bond strength of self consolidated lightweight concrete

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posted on 2021-06-08, 11:43 authored by Tariq Mumtaz
Self-consolidating lightweight concrete (SCLWC) is a concrete with excellent filling ability, good passing ability, and adequate segregation resistance. The use of SCLWC can be beneficial for structures due to significant reduction in dead loads as well as structures in seismic zone. In addition, economic impacts on construction industry by using SCLWC will be significant because of its benefits. Three SCLWC mixtures are developed by using two types of lightweight aggregates (LWA) (such as blast furnace slag and expanded shale), two supplementary cementing materials (such as fly ash and metakaolin). In addition to fresh and strength properties, the effect of different degrees of accelerated corrosion on bond characterists of deformed steel bars in SCLWC is investigated by analyzing pullout test results such as load-slip relationship, voltage versus time data, failure modes, aggregate of specimens and concrete material characteristics.





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