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Effect Of Hydrothermal Pre-Treatment On Methane Production During Anaerobic Digestion Of Thickened Waste Activated Sludge

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posted on 2021-06-08, 11:50 authored by Suleman Khan
The effects of hydrothermal pre-treatment on the production of methane and biogas on thickened waste activated sludge was investigated. This paper reviews the anaerobic digestion process and its complexities, provides an overview of the different stages of the anaerobic digestion process, different kinds of feedstocks and the essential and influential operating parameters such as temperature, pH, organic loading rate, solid retention time and particle size. This paper also demonstrates an overview of the natural and anthropogenic sources contributing to methane in the atmosphere. It further provides a recommendation on essential practices and methods required to enhance methane capture in the atmosphere. Furthermore, an experimental setup consisting of batch anaerobic digestion was employed for the sample analysis the purpose of this experimental research was to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the effect of the hydrothermal pre-treatment on thickened waste activated sludge and to determine the most optimum conditions to produce methane. Keywords: Anaerobic digestion, Thickened waste-activated sludge, Hydrothermal Pre-treatment





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