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Domestic Violence Intimate Partner Violence Male-Identified Latino Diaspora Participants Program Experiences

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posted on 2021-05-23, 18:12 authored by Hugo Vallecilla
Domestic Violence Intimate Partner Violence with Male Identified Latino Diaspora participants research was to give a voice to a group of men who committed violence against their partners and provide them an opportunity to talk about who they are, where they learned to be who they are, and how they were impacted by mandatory court programs. Before this study, no significant research had been done on the experiences of Latino Diaspora men within the Greater Toronto Area. The theoretical and methodological lens utilized Critical Race Theory and Latino Critical Theory. Three semi-structured interviews were conducted with male-identified individuals who completed court mandated programs within the Greater Toronto Area in the last five years. The outcomes were an improved understanding about the benefits and gaps that still exist within the mandatory court programs. Findings present much-needed information and consideration about the benefits of linguistic specific supports and the needs for greater educational supports related to healthy relationships.





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