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Does this shirt make me look gay? Exploring the Invisibility of Hegemonic Masculinity In Heterosexual Men’s Dress

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posted on 2022-10-20, 18:03 authored by Samuel Hardwicke-Brown
During the last fifteen years, men have become increasingly active consumers of fashion with over half of men in western societies buying their own clothes. While, studies have been conducted on the relationship between men and fashion there currently exists a gap in research on the consumption habits of young, style conscious, heterosexual men in the current shifting cultural landscape of men’s fashion. Through in-depth interviews, this study unpacks how these men engage with fashion against traditional cultural masculine dress codes. This study proposes that although these men do not actively subscribe to hegemonic masculine values they continue to follow this hegemony on a subconscious level. Through upbringing and cultural influence, heterosexual men are continuously primed to follow a hegemonic masculine ideal, leading to new mutation of hegemonic masculinity that is both invisible and powerful. Ultimately, this study contributes to the overall body of research on male fashion consumption habits as it tests societal assumptions on modern menswear.





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Ryerson University

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