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Digitalization of airport design and architecture

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posted on 2021-05-24, 15:02 authored by Naveed Khan
Global adoption of digital technology is greatly informing the redesign of airports, aiming to increase efficiency, hospitality, and experience. Airports are transitioning away from traditional typologies of transit hubs and transforming into destinations that offer everything in one place, from retail to dining to entertainment [1]. By examining the socio-cultural, technological, and design shifts as presented by contemporary airports, the current applications of artificial intelligence, biometrics, and personalization and the impacts of digital technology and architectural design as it relates to the overall user experience and transformation of airport typologies is explored. The ways travelers maximize their time while in transit at airports in order to reduce stress and anxiety related to air travel and how operators can create a more sustainable and adaptable workflows are all considerations and strategies that can empower a partnership between architects, airport operators and the public in the planning and development of airport spaces.





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