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Diasporic mobilization and post-war uplift: an inquiry into the global Sri Lankan Tamil diaspora's influence in post-war Sri Lanka

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posted on 2021-05-24, 08:52 authored by Sinthu Vimaladasan
This study illustrates the changing nature of the global Sri Lankan Tamil diaspora; it’s social, political and economic influence on Sri Lanka, and its participation in post-war resettlement and sustainable development initiatives. Moreover, it seeks to investigate if the perceptions of the diaspora are reflective of the ground realities in their homeland. This is evidenced by the accumulated data informed by key Tamil actors and organizations in Sri Lanka, Canada and England. Furthermore, this study reviews contemporary courses and conflicting opinions of diasporic engagement, and investigates the structural barriers that impede on positive peacebuilding. The results of this study suggest that such barriers frustrate diasporic mobilization, ultimately reducing the anticipated influence on the Sri Lankan state. Additionally, due to the digitized transnational space, ground realities are difficult to conceal; however, the level of involvement determines the depth of knowledge concerning the ground realities for the Tamil populace in Sri Lanka. Key words: post-war, development, diaspora, Sri Lankan Tamils (SLT), militarization, identity





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