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Developing a preschool and parent program in a rural Cambodian village : the perspectives of parents

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posted on 2021-05-23, 12:36 authored by Melissa Ganhao
Educational programs are more likely to be successful when practitioners and parents have a shared vision of goals and expectations for the program, as parents are said to be part of a complex environment that influence the goals, concerns, and expectations they have for their children and their children's educational experiences. This study of parents' perspectives of educational programs was conducted in a rural Cambodian village with the support of a local non-government organization (NGO); an organization that is in the midst of developing preschool and parent programs for the children and families who live in the village. Interviews were conducted with parents to understand parents' goals for their children's future, and their goals for the preschool and parent programs. The study was conducted by utilizing Bronfenbrenner's ecological framework and was informed by the principles of Community Based Research. The study found that parents value education and hope that their children's educational attainment will lead to a favourable career path, that parents want access to preschool and parent programs, and are willing to support the programs through donations of time, money, or food. Parent support through donations indicates parents' willingness to engage with projects, an important aspect of sustainable development.





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