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Determining the Characteristics of Transition-Based Interventions most Effective in Enhancing Quality of Care for Seniors: A systematic Review

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posted on 2023-04-11, 19:29 authored by Sarah Rosato
Introduction: Seniors (65 years or older) often require additional support and resources during the transition from acute care to home. A comprehensive understanding of the transition-based literature will support the development and implementation of effective interventions, possibly resulting in organizational and individual benefits. Purpose: A systematic review was conducted to identify the characteristics of transition-based interventions most effective in enhancing quality of care for seniors transitioning from hospital to home. Methods: Primary research that evaluated a transitional care intervention for seniors and measured one of more quality of care outcome were included. Chi-square test for independence, ANOVA, and descriptive analysis were used. Results: Forty-six interventions were reviewed for their specific characteristics. Multicomponent interventions which used multiple delivery methods (face-to-face/telephone), over one-to-three months (p= <0.05), were most effective in enhancing quality of care. Implications/Conclusions: Understanding the most effective intervention characteristics may support the provision of effective/efficient transitional care for seniors moving from acute care to home.





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