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Demographic changes and formation of ethnic enclaves

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posted on 2021-05-25, 07:15 authored by Irfan Ahmed Ansari
Statistics show that South Asian and Chinese ethnic enclaves had residential mobility rates of 54.5 percent and 46.5 percent respectively during 2001-2006 against the average 44.9 percent for the Toronto CMA. This paper explores the implications of higher proportion of movement of Asian population in some selected ethnic neighbourhoods in Toronto. Why ethnics move into ethnic enclaves; why they move out from ethnic enclaves; and what are the implications of such movement on municipal planning are some of the questions explored in this study. This paper also discusses some of the emerging themes such as increasing trend of concentration of Asian population, displacement of one ethnic population by other ethnic population; and a possible disconnection between the neighbourhood demography, services and the municipal planning, which may require further investigation.





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