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Demographic and clinical characteristics of individuals’ Intentions to attend cardiac rehabilitation following hospitalization for heart failure: a descriptive analysis

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posted on 2021-05-22, 15:24 authored by Kristen Cunningham
There is limited literature available that addresses heart failure patient attendance at cardiac rehabilitation centers. This quantitative descriptive pilot study used a convenience sample (n=30) to determine differences in socio-demographic and clinical characteristics and complications among individuals with heart failure who intended or did not intend to attend cardiac rehabilitation six weeks post-discharge. Findings suggest those intending to attend were significantly (p<0.05) older, unemployed/retired, received an income >$50,000, were able to drive, had lower functional classification scores, and experienced fewer complications over six weeks post-discharge. This descriptive pilot study provides an understanding of factors associated with intention to attend cardiac rehabilitation as well as the feasibility of the study design and procedures. Implications focus on strategies to increase potential attendance at cardiac rehabilitation in the heart failure population at the health care provider, organizational and policy levels as well as areas for future research.





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