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Degree Of Compliance With Public Consultation For Awarded Wind Turbine Contracts Under LRP I Process

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posted on 2021-05-25, 07:14 authored by Sophie Boucher
Municipalities and residents criticized the planning process for large-scale wind energy projects imposed on them under the Green Energy Act, 2009 (GEA). As such, the Ontario government promised improvements in public engagement, and the FIT policies were replaced by the Large Renewable Procurement (LRP) process. To determine the compliance with the Independent Electricity System Operator’s engagement process under the LRP I, interviews with municipal planners and abutting landowners were conducted, and document information was reviewed. The key findings of this study include: 1) the final results did not support increased engagement statements made by both, former Minister of Energy Bob Chiarelli and Premier of Ontario Kathleen Wynne, as the majority of projects were awarded a contract without municipal support or abutting landowner support; and 2) all developers conducted mandatory consultation; however, the majority failed to truly engage with all stakeholders who would be the most affected by the project.





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Urban Development

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Ryerson University

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