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Coupled flexural - torsional vibration and stability analysis of pre-loaded beams using conventional and dynamic finite element methods

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posted on 2021-05-24, 11:29 authored by Heenkenda Jayasinghe
Dynamic Finite Element (DFE) and conventional finite element formulations are developed to study the flexural - torsional vibration and stability of an isotropic, homogeneous and linearly elastic pre-loaded beam subjected to an axial load and end-moment. Various classical boundary conditions are considered. Elementary Euler - Bernoulli bending and St. Venant torsion beam theories were used as a starting point to develop the governing equations and the finite element solutions. The nonlinear Eigenvalue problem resulted from the DFE method was solved using a program code written in MATLAB and the natural frequencies and mode shapes of the system were determined form the Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors, respectively. Similarly, a linear Eigenvalue problem was formulated and solved using a MATLAB code for the conventional FEM method. The conventional FEM results were validated against those available in the literature and ANSYS simulations and the DFE results were compared with the FEM results. The results confirmed that tensile forces increased the natural frequencies, which indicates beam stiffening. On the contrary, compressive forces reduced the natural frequencies, suggesting a reduction in beam stiffness. Similarly, when an end-moment was applied the stiffness of the beam and the natural frequencies diminished. More importantly, when a force and end-moment were acting in combination, the results depended on the direction and magnitude of the axial force. Nevertheless, the stiffness of the beam is more sensitive to the changes in the magnitude and direction of the axial force compared to the moment. A buckling analysis of the beam was also carried out to determine the critical buckling end-moment and axial compressive force.





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