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Corrosion induced deterioration in prestressed concrete structures

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posted on 2021-06-08, 10:38 authored by Sorin Aslau
Corrosion is less frequent in prestressed concrete than in ordinary reinforced concrete, but when it does occur, the results can be more dangerous and more costly. In prestressed concrete structures the reinforcing steel elements are subjected to high mechanical stresses, therefore corrosion of the tendons can lead to catastrophic consequences, by the failure of the steel and consequently of structure, or part of it, with a great potential for life losses, life disruption, and a huge economical impact. One of the most dangerous aspects is that the corrosion related fracture of the steel might lead to a sudden collapse of the structure with little or no warning. The intention of this project report is to collect and synthesize information on the corrosion of the prestressing tendons as a mechanism of deterioration in prestressed concrete.





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Lamya Amleh

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