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Constructing the alcohol blackout an (auto)ethnographic narrative collage.

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posted on 2021-05-24, 06:59 authored by Justyna Rechberger
"This is for all those who wake up the following morning asking themselves questions like 'How did I get home?' 'Where am I?' 'Where did I get this bruise?' 'Where are my clothes?' 'Who is next to me?' 'Why am I in jail?' or simply 'WHAT HAPPENED LAST NIGHT?'( ... ) This is for all those people who need half a dozen of your closest friends (who usually blacked out with you) to piece the full night's events together and even then, some things are just lost forever. But it's ok, if you don't remember, it doesn't count ... right? ("Sometimes I blackout,"n.d.)"--Introduction.



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Ryerson University

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