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Constraint satisfaction problems in the logic LFP +rank

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posted on 2021-05-23, 11:53 authored by Aklilu Habte
Constraint satisfaction problems (CSPs) are one of the central topics in theoretical computer science, in particular, in the area of artificial intelligence. Their computational complexity is due to relatively recent results from areas of mathematics, including finite-model-theory, algebra and graph homomorphisms. The main conjecture by Feder and Vardi states that any CSP over a finite relational template is either in P or is NP-complete. Further, it amounts to showing that every non NP-complete CSP can be expressed as an extension of first-order logic. A finite template is Mal'tsev, a compatible algebraic operation, which is closely related to an affine space over a finite field. The so-called Bulatov-Dalmau algorithm, a natural generalization of the Gaussian elimination on vector spaces, shows such CSPs are tractable. In this work, we prove that CSPs described over a finite template Mal'tsev are expressible in logic LFP+rnk, providing a logical proof that such CSPs are tractable.





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Applied Mathematics

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Ryerson University

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Dejan Delic