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Constraint Satisfaction Problems and Their Reduction to Directed Graphs

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posted on 2021-05-23, 12:40 authored by Muhanda Stella Mbaka Muzalal
Constraint satisfaction problems present a general framework for studying a large class of algorithmic problems such as satisfaction of Boolean formulas, solving systems of equations over finite fields, graph colourings, as well as various applied problems in artificial intelligence (scheduling, allocation of cell phone frequencies, among others.) CSP (Constraint Satisfaction Problems) bring together graph theory, complexity theory and universal algebra. It is a well known result, due to Feder and Vardi, that any constraint satisfaction problem over a finite relational structure can be reduced to the homomorphism problem for a finite oriented graph. Until recently, it was not known whether this reduction preserves the type of the algorithm which solves the original constraint satisfaction problem, so that the same algorithm solves the corresponding digraph homomorphism problem. We look at how a recent construction due to Bulin, Deli´c, Jackson, and Niven can be used to show that the polynomial solvability of a constraint satisfaction problem using Datalog, a programming language which is a weaker version of Prolog, translates from arbitrary relational structures to digraphs.





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