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Conceptual Design Of A Modular Morphing Wing

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posted on 2021-06-08, 12:42 authored by Allan D. Finistauri
In this dissertation a new modular design method for morphing wings is presented. First, a design method was created, applying modularity and recon gurability to a morphing wing system. With modularity being a requirement for the morphing wing system, a discretization method is developed to determine the discrete number of modules required to perform a desired morphing maneuver. Then, a specialized, modular, recon gurable variable geometry truss mechanism is proposed to facilitate morphing. The specialized modular wing truss is a recon gurable, limited mobility parallel mechanism, adapted to t within the volume of a wing. The mobility of the wing truss module is analyzed via a branch-based mobility and connectivity analysis that imposes kinematic requirements on the truss mechanism. The mobility and connectivity requirements are used to perform an enumeration analysis to isolate candidate module con gurations for morphing. Then, a parametric kinematic constraint system is developed and applied to the wing module and the kinematic performance of the module is evaluated. The kinematics are applied to a mechanical prototype of the wing module for validation purposes. Finally, the kinematics are used to evaluate the motion response of a wing skin system to lay the foundation for detailed design.





Doctor of Philosophy


Aerospace Engineering

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Ryerson University

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