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Computational aero acounstics analysis of an aircraft climate control system

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posted on 2021-05-22, 10:49 authored by Jeffrey Yokota
With a higher standard of living and education, engineers are paying more attention on how the surrounding environment affects the public's comfort. Aircraft cabin noise is one of the main concerns for most airlines with surveys done to understand what customers feel and research to understand how noise can be modeled with state-of-the-art aero acoustic theories. In this work, computational aero acoustics was performed to simulate flow through a duct with an orifice plate as part of an aircraft environmental control system and to compare the results with experimental data. Experimental results of a low velocity flow with large orifice demonstrated better agreement than a high velocity flow with a small orifice plate. The numerical solution and experimental results were found to agree within 10% for broadband noise. Further research is required for better computational results for flow through a small orifice plate.





Master of Applied Science


Aerospace Engineering

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Ryerson University

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