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Composting as wise waste diversion technique

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posted on 2021-06-08, 10:17 authored by Naeem A. Memon
There are several MSW management approaches, but the most effective are source reduction, recycling, and reuse called (3R), which can prevent or divert materials from the waste stream. Source reduction involves altering the design, manufacture, or use of products and materials to reduce the amount and toxicity of what gets thrown away. The other approaches are recycling and reuse processes, in which inorganic part can be separated to achieve recycled products while, organic waste or green waste can be decomposed to produce usable substance called compost. This alternative approach for handling organic waste turned as wise waste alternative for achieving environmental friendly end product which would reduce waste burden from landfills and creates sustainable environment. Generally, the paper discusses process and importance of organic composting as an alternative approach in reducing and diverting the organic waste burden from the traditional waste disposal methods like, landfill or incineration and analyses its advantages towards the municipalities and local communities in adopting organic waste diversion approach to achieve natural soil conditioner called Compost.





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