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Community energy planning in Ontario and British Columbia: Climate action at a municipal planning level

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posted on 2021-05-25, 07:14 authored by Jessica Brodeur
Community Energy Planning (CEP) is a process that allows municipalities to develop and implement local climate action, meet carbon reduction goals, and ensure a steady supply of clean energy. This MRP compares CEP in four municipalities in Ontario and British Columbia, to examine the reasons that led municipalities to undertake CEP and the roles that the municipalities undertook in the process. By using a policy comparison and interviews with Subject Matter Experts, the role that the municipality played to develop and implement CEP, and the role of the CEP within the community were evaluated. The municipalities studied were seen to have undertaken the expected roles to varying degrees and with various methods. Key Words: An article on energy and emissions planning in Canadian municipalities, used the key words: community energy planning, climate action, energy policy, local environmental planning





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